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Crossover Cares

My daughter played nothing but the post position since she's been playing basketball. We joined the
Crossover family in the February 2013. At 5"9" my daughter played well in the post but Crossover placed her in her natural position due to size, the 2 and 3 spot where she could devlop her game and get potential looks from colleges. The transition is still a work in progress but has gone well. In her first season she went from no college contacts to multiple contacts. The main thing is that my daughter showed major development. The coaching staff shows no favorites and are willing to help any child that walks through the door. They care as long as you care. I'm very thankful for this organization, they have given kids in our area a real oppurtunity.

Crossover for Life

Crossover Athletics is the place your child needs to be if they are looking to go to the next level. My daughter started training with Coach Tee in March of 2013 and immediately her game was on its way to the next level. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and here with Coach Tee and her staff, that is exactly what is happening. Players are being made at this facility. My daughter told me recently that we were CROSSOVER until we die. #parentsforcoachtee #crossoverforlife

Yolanda Matthews


Thanks Coach Tee for giving our school over 20 basketballs for our players to take home to practice and get better. They were so excited!

Alicia McDaniel